Cancer – Often Viewed As A Battle – But Should We View It As An Indicator – Or Even A Survival Mechanism?

This question has been asked by and of, the medical profession before –  and the point is being debated now at higher levels and on many platforms – thankfully.

The fundamental way you view anything – your perspective, will impact on the success or failure of any treatment you decide upon….and much more than you may think. Holistic and Eastern health practitioners believe that mind and body are inextricably linked – so treating a symptom will never cure the root cause of the disease.

Your mental attitude can influence anything and everything – including a prognosis – so perhaps that’s why some scientists and medical experts are of the opinion that cancer should be viewed as an indicator and more radically, even a survival mechanism. The psychological advantage of believing that cancer is your body itrying to tell you something rather than the negative idea that it is something  outside of our control, is inspiring. To belive that it’s ‘out to get us’ is damaging to recovery and healing. The very idea that we must battle our own bodies is a destructive thought . This is an essential distinction as it signifies that something in you needs to change – and if it’s one thing that humans are absolute champions at – it’s adapting. A sign that something is threatening you and more importantly, that cancer is the RESULT not the cause of that threat means that we can adapt and make changes that can result in healing…..and if there’s another thing our bodies are absolute champions at, it’s protecting and healing itself – when given the right tools. We should reclaim the ‘baby’ that was thrown out with the bath water in the early 20th century when holistic and naturopathic practitioners were outlawed  – as was any doctor wishing to prescribe more natural protocols. Large donations were made to major US universities by Carnegie and Rockefeller, who had recently added pharmaceuticals to their business portfolis. The ‘price’ was  ‘standardised‘ medical text books omitting nutrition and herbal medicine. Today, nutrition is given little importance in the training of our doctors and health professionals because age-old wisdom of herb and plant medicine was denounced as ‘quackery‘. Hippocrates said: “Let food be thy medicine” and we have all suffered for not heeding this tenet.

On average,  every person with a healthy immune system will destroy 200 ‘rogue‘ cells as a matter of course. Just another amazing job our immune system attends to – when it’s a healthy, functioning immune system.

There are 12 steps in the mutation of a healthy cell into a cancerous one. Twelve different steps MUST take place unchallenged by your immune system for a cancer cell to take hold and establish itself. Cancer usually takes YEARS to overwhelm the body – that surely tells us that this is a difficult thing to achieve. However, the incidence of cancer has  increased exponentially over the past 100 years when advances in most other areas of technology and industry have improved.Death Rates Stats 2016-01-09 at 17.07.46

Source: 1900-1970, U.S. Public Health Service.

There are serious questions to be asked.

ANDREAS MORITZ in his article “Cancer Is Not A Disease – It’s A Survival Mechanism” states  that: It will perhaps astound you to learn that a person who is afflicted with the main causes of cancer (which constitute the real illness) would most likely die quickly unless he actually grew cancer cells. In this work, I provide evidence to this effect. I further claim that cancer will only occur after all other defense or healing mechanisms in the body have failed. In extreme circumstances, exposure to large amounts of cancer-producing agents (carcinogens) can bring about a collapse of the body’s defenses within several weeks or months and allow for rapid and aggressive growth of a cancerous tumor. Usually, though, it takes many years, or even decades, for these so-called “malignant” tumors to form.

Maria Trevelyan from mamazura says: “This uplifiting view deserves consideration because an auto-immune disease is not natural – it goes against the fundamental objective of homeostasis. “

Although mainstream medicine does not term cancer ‘auto-immune‘ it’s a disease where normal cells turn ‘rogue’.  Homeostasis is our optimum default – our bodies work tirelessly to this end….although it is a state…and not an end. Buffer systems are constantly jockeying with enzymes, hormones – brain and nervous systems are constantly monitoring and interacting with every cell in the body to maintain homeostasis. If a more positive mental perspective on cancer is possible – that’s surely a good thing.



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