HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2016 promises to be something special! Mamazura is about to launch a great resource for those seeking help, healing and inspiration when it comes to everything ANTI-CANCER.  Whether you are looking for preventative health information or if you need support because you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer – we’re here to help. Mamazura was inspired by our very own cancer survivor and you can check out Joanna’s Story here – It’s entitled “From Here To Uncertainty” and the first two chapters are ready to read right now. It’s well worth looking at for the hindsight and insight of someone who has been there – done the research, made the changes and survived. In fact, the process never stops and new research is giving hope to countless people each and every day.

…and the new year is the perfect time to reactivate your good intentions  and ACTIVATE THEM  – lose that weight, learn to relax
and  take control of your health and wellbeing – the benefits are so great you’ll be glad you did.

Not long to wait now…we’re going live in the next 48 hours so we’ll see you on the other side of our launch.

Enjoy & Be Well.

The Mamazura Team

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