Canada – It’s Legal To Grow Your Won Medicinal Cannabis – Hallelujah!

Here at Mamazura we would like to congratulate the Canadian Government for making the beneficial decision to allow their citizens to grow their own medicinal cannabis – just as people have done, (and still do) in other countries and remote areas for thousands of years.  When Harvard University is conducting clinical trials on cannabis and finding even more benefits that were previously unknown, it’s time to take action. Lester Grinspoon, Professor Emeritus at Harvar University for many years, was given the task of proving the negative effects of cannabis in the 1960s – EVERY scientific test he made showed some benefit and synergistic effect on the mind and/or body.  As Germany is set to follow suit and legalise cannabis in 2017 we ask WHEN will this happen in the UK?

Canada Has Legalized Growing Marijuana At Home