A Cancer Survivor’s Story

Cancer is not funny. Period. The situations you may find yourself in on the journey through diagnosis, treatment and beyond however, most certainly can be. It is my view that if you find yourself facing this particular mountain, (and at times, you will feel that you are doing it without ropes or crampons)… you should take every opportunity to laugh – however incongruous or inappropriate it may seem to this situation. It can literally, save your life.

This book was begun as a celebration of my reaching the five-year milestone that is the first long-term goal that every cancer patient has in their sights as determined by conventional medicine from the moment they are diagnosed. At time of writing, I have passed the 7-year mark and fully intend to live a long, loving and healthy life.

I did not begin writing this book alone – my friend, Sian and I both
wanted to do this for the benefit and encouragement of others who face the same devil. I am still here – but Sian, sadly, is not. My friend, whose courage was a testament to the best that the human spirit can be, left this physical world on 22nd September 2011. She had been diagnosed after me but the aggressive nature of her cancer and the path she felt she should travel, meant that she only survived for 18 months. So, in memory of the laughter and empathy we shared, I dedicate this book to her and the memory of her wisdom, kindness and patience. I know that she would want others to benefit from the hope and inspiration that is out there from the many cancer survivors who found their way forward to robust health and a wisdom borne of extraordinary experience.

I put no small part of the success for my own survival down to the
laughter and love I have sought, given and experienced on my own particular path… and if you or anyone you care about is forced to share a similar path – I wish the same for you.

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