Emotional Healing

Cancer can take it's toll on a person and undermine their self esteem and willpower - not to mention the family who care for the person who's body has succumbed to cancer. With our collection of Emotional Healing books you will be able to fight off stress and improve your mental and emotional state of mind. Look through our list of available books that will guide you through your journey to becoming a stronger, more confident and balanced version of yourself!

Emotional stress is one of the commonest reasons for ill-health, especially long-term emotional stress. Sometimes the stress is close to home and is difficult or impossible to eliminate from our lives. In this case, it's essential to have strategies for making you resilient to the stress factors - and here you will find help with that in different formats - books and mp3 audio. Binaural tones help to create new pathways in the brain and achieve a balance which will help you with clarity of mind, focus and a sense of peacefulness and calm. Enjoy & Be Well!