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Your Rebounder (mini trampoline) is one of THE BEST ways to oxygenate your whole body. Just 10 minutes will get your heart working to deliver richly oxygenated blood to every tissue in your body - better results than 30 minutes of jogging!

Walking is also a great way to oxygenate your cells and because you're outdoors, you'll be benefitting from the best source of Vitamin D known to man - the sun! There is NO BETTER WAY to acquire Vitamin D which research shows, is VITAL for healthy immune function. The more research is done on Vitamin D, the more it's being realised just how vital it is - and in winter in the northern hemisphere we don't get enough - so make a point of ensuring you supplement to get your required amount throughout the year - preferably with a Lightphoria light box which is the best alternative to real sun and better than an oral supplement.

This GREAT Rebounder has a weight limit of 19.5 stones - it's very strong and has almost 50 fantastic 4 and 5 star customer reviews!
Oxygenation is essential to your Anti-Cancer armoury and will also improve other areas of health such as mood and even weight loss if used in conjunction with an anti-cancer eating plan.