Not Fighting Cancer

Cancer is one of the world's largest killer disease. Many anticancer initiatives have become popular out of a need for people to go somewhere when mainstream medicine can no longer help... and they are told "there is nothing more we can do." Treating symptoms alone can never cure the root cause of disease - it's only by treating the whole person that healing can begin to happen - and all from the amazing ability that we have to heal ourselves...but only if we give our minds and bodies the right tools for the job.

There are many healing herbs that have re-emerged which scientists claim could mitigate the effects of cancer or actually prevent it from developing in the first place. One of these is the hemp oil which is also refereed to as Cannabis oil or hash oil and is one of Marijuana derivatives. Hemp oil is termed as a miracle cure for cancer. According to studies conducted, hemp oil has vast medicinal curing abilities. Hemp oil contains a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol which locks onto the body receptors to help inhibit cancer growth.

Another healing herb that is emerging as a modern herb for fighting cancer is the Moringa tree. Not only is the Moringa plant highly nutritious but it also contains elements which have been found to kills cancer cells. Scientists also claim that the Moringa plant acts as an anti-tumor growth medicine. The Moringa plant could be the new cancer fighting healing herb in the foreseeable future. One incredible fact is that Moringa leaves can be dried and stored for long periods of time - without losing all of their precious nutrients. The dried leaves can be chewed in desperate times but they also reconstitute brilliantly and the full compliment of essential amino acids will sustain life.

One of the greatest medicine that should be administered in the fight against cancer is emotional healing. The body also contains an emotional component which is of paramount importance in the fight against cancer. Encouraging the cancer patients and filling them with hope of a brighter tomorrow is essential for their healing process. Fear,anxiety and depression may downplay and even worsen the symptoms of cancer. Other times, it may be overwhelming to deal with what they are going through. Filing them with optimism is one way to conquer such negative emotions. Secondly, it is important to help a cancer ailing patient to accept that they have cancer. Acknowledging the disease is the first step of emotional healing. Additionally, it sets the cancer patient on the path towards coping with the disease and fighting it.