Hormones & Health

With cancer, your body starts to produce irregular cell growth... every cell in your body is programmed to perform a particular function for a specific length of time and then die... BUT cancer cells never die - unless something makes them revert to the natural process called apoptosis - which is basically 'cell suicide'. This can change the way you feel and devastate your hormonal balance.  At our website we understand the stress and struggle you are going through and the effect it has on your body. This is why we have informative books that will help you improve your hormone health. Take a look at our options for better and natural remedies that are essential in your anti-cancer regime.

Hormone balance is a key part of the anti-cancer approach. A healthy hormone balance works with your immune system to kill rogue cells which can become cancerous. Every day, a healthy person will 'fight off' around 200 cancerous cells which, left unchecked or if the immune function is compromised over a long period, can develop into tumors. Give your body the gift of naturally balanced hormones - it can even help with weight loss when used in conjunction with an anti-cancer diet and exercise routine.