Useful Guides - What herb? Which Cancer?

Frankincense has so many benfits.  In historical times this versatile resin was used as a deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, chewing gum, masking odours and as a natural pest repellent warding off mosquitoes and the onset of malaria. The smoke was thought to ward off evil spirits and so people used to put their clothes in it before wearing - as a protective measure. It was also extensively used as a medicine aiding everything from digestion to leprosy, dysentery, tumours, fevers and more. Nowadays, research is being done to discover Frankincense’s healing properties as an aid to fighting cancer and even in the early stages of study, it seems to have particular efficacy in the treatment of brain cancer.

Frankincense has also been used in hundreds of perfumes and is popular as an aromatherapy oil or incense stick.

Orange Frankincense - one of the most popular resins

Frankincense has a cleansing pungent-sweet smell but more importantly it is a fantastic mood enhancer.  Burning and inhaling Frankincense creates a feeling of peace and calm, dispelling sorrows or fears whilst ultimately promoting better self thoughts and confidence.  It is a valuable tool in cleansing and clearing the mind of negative chatter, opening up our intuitive side to create a greater spiritual awareness.